a brand new concept in micro venture capital


We pick a small number of firms each year to partner with. Our goal in selecting firms is to pick the best, brightest and most motivated individuals that fit with our resource offerings need words.


While we have a wheelhouse of services open to offer up we carefully tailor each one based on what a client needs. We invest a combination of time, capital & creative into striving businesses.


We are a young, energetic culture that has been fortunate enough to expereince a marketed level of success through our endeavors. We want to share and build upon that more words please.


Our monetary investments are small, our visionary offerings huge. By leveraging the power of our parent creative agency we are not only able to help drive operational success but execute amazing branding followed through with marketing visibility

BLOG // 20.8.14
Calculating the Creative

Being inside the creative agency realm I can say that nothing has quite prepared me for some of the experiences that have come our way. The most common occurrence has been the evolution of pricing within the space and the extremes that have trickled into public perception.

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BLOG // 20.8.14
Stop Counting Your Chickens…

Let’s be honest. You send out a marketing campaign and every time you run the numbers in your head over and over and over again. Whether its postcards, email blasts, media marketing organic configurations or search engine marketing the thought process is almost always the same.

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BLOG // 12.8.14
Starting a ‘Venture’ Company

It is a bit of a cliché now within the industry to launch a venture capital fund. The hay-day and media attention has come and gone and is thought of as mainstream in my opinion since powering through the technology sector. But regardless here we are launching our own. The question comes to why.

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“Resilience. Commitment. Passion. These three words are characteristics. Characteristics of someone who isn’t willing to give up. Someone who isn’t going to accept anything but success.”


“We look for drive, passion, quality and intelligence. The overwhelming factor in being successful is keeping your head on straight. Business is about the will to succeed and how hard you are willing to work.”